Parked Domains are often used by certain companies that want to have more than one web address for their official uses purposes.They will display the same website as your primary domain.

For example, if your primary domain is and it is the primary domain , you can able to set up as a parked domain and it will load the content of Hence the content of is loading in the browser, the address bar will display as


Parked Domains allow you to “point” or “park” additional domain names to your existing hosting account main domain. Park domain will show the same content of your main domain.

1) Click on the “Parked Domains” button on the home page under Domains.

2) Enter the domain you wish to park in the available text field.

Click Add Domain“, to add the Parked Domain.

3) Existed Parked Domain are listed under the “Remove Parked Domains”.

a) Click the link under ” Domain Root” that corresponds to the  Parked domain, for viewing the file manager.

b) To Enable or Disable redirection of a parked domain , click on the  link Redirects to“.

Enter the url to which you would like to redirect the parked domain  in the text box.  

To disable the redirect, click the buttonDisable Redirection.

c) For deleting a parked domain , click the “Remove” link corresponding to the parked domain .